Inoutscripts reviews in details

Inoutscripts reviews in details

Stay clear of this Indinan scamming company! You will get ripped off. Their ad server software and their search engine software is a joke. You will lose over $1000 dollars if you go with this company. They are notorious for scamming people.

They just overstated these Inoutscripts softwares to induce customers to buy. Finally, they took the cash and left us nothing working.

All the 13 Inout Scripts I purchased are full of bugs, and they are phishing scamming softwares.

My servers, network, DNS are all normal and working with all kind of scripts, free open source scripts or commercial scripts, except the Inout Scripts.

All my websites have been running fast and well, except the Inout Scripts.

The homepage of Inoutscripts search engine v8 has 32 bugs, which you can refer to my other post.

I bought 4 APPs from them, but they did not give me any of the softwares so far.

These Indian scammers, Jacob, Kumar, Nair, and Saranya are all guilty.

If you are a victim, feel free to contact me. Let's bring these bad guys to justice.

My attorney and I have been working closely with official departments. Our 200 page report will be published openly.

Inout scripts are badly made crappy programs with terrible customer support. This company is a fraud one. Don't even touch their products unless you have money to waste. I think my reviews will help people not to be cheated from InoutScripts.

Be careful. They have other phishing scamming sites:
Phishing site 1.
Phishing site 2.
Phishing site 3.
Phishing site 4.
Phishing site 5.
Phishing site 6.

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